From Defeat to Victory  1930 - 1949

1930 - 1949  Overview
1930s  Drought and Depression
1930s  Adapting to Change
Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself
A Leader Inspiring Hope
1931  Soil to Dust
Agricultural Crisis
1933  Agricultural Adjustment
Dark Clouds for Agriculture
1930-1940s  Population and Productivity
Solving the Problem of Soil Erosion
Progress from Programs
War Clouds with a Silver Lining
Conserve and Grow for War
Food to Win the War
Agricultural Science and Research at War
The Post War Boom
1944  G.I. Bill and Land Grant Colleges
1948-1949  Early Farm Bills
1930s  The Crash Lands
The Struggle to Adapt
Farmers Readjust Their Planting Schedules
Drought Policies and Programs
New Hope and a New Deal
Sights and Sounds from the Countryside
Agricultural Adjustment
New Deal Programs
1930-1960s  Agricultural Exports
1935  Soil Conservation Act
Programs and Progress
More Government Programs
War Clouds and Agriculture
"Shock Troops" of the Countryside
Farming on the Home Front
Agricultural Wartime Inventions
Farming in Post War America
1948  The Marshall Plan