Into a New Millennium  1970 - 2000

1970 - 2000  Overview
1970-1990s  Population and Productivity
The Farm Bills of the 1970s
1973  Energy Crisis
Agriculture and Renewable Energy
A Global Food System
Tractor Technology
Farm Crisis of the 1980s
Low Land Values and High Debt
Crisis Recovery
Expanding Trade
Alternative Agriculture
A New Way to Manage the Farm
Precision Agriculture
1990s  Better Times
Economic Boom
Genomic Research and Cloning
Food Safety Regulation
1970-1990s  Agricultural Exports
Boom of the 1970s
Agricultural Trade After the Cold War
The Turmoil of Oil
Global Agriculture
1977  USDA: Agricultural Research, Extension, and Teaching
Science: The Competitive Edge
A Decade of Drought
Ending the Farm Crisis
Conservation Payments
Alternative and Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable Agriculture
"Smart" Farms
Conservation Tillage
Farm Bills of the 1990s
1992 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
1997  Increased Safety and Efficiency
Alternative Agriculture and Vertical Integration