Prosperity and Challenges  1950 - 1969

1950 - 1969  Overview
Peace and Prosperity
The Cold War Gets Hot
Cold War Innovation
Modernization and Farming
The Changing American Diet
Free Market Economy
1954-1956  Mid-Century Farm Bills
Research on a National Scale
Peace, Prosperity, and Growth
Food For Peace
Food-For-Peace Expansion
Rural Poverty Challenges
New Challenges
Establishing Environmental Protection Agency
1960s Farm Bills
1969  The Goal to End Hunger in the US
The Goal to End World Hunger
1950-1960s  Population and Productivity
Prosperity on the Farm
Ag in the Cold War
The Changing Face of Food and Farming
The Breadbasket
A Free Market to Fight the Surplus
Dwight D. Eisenhower's Agricultural Impacts
Science and Technology - Great Expectations
1954  Food-for-Peace Program
Increases in Farm Productivity
Aid For Impoverished Rural Populations
1960s  The Great Society
Fruits of Research
First Earth Day
Farming For More Than Food
1969  Girls Allowed to Join the FFA
Results From Research
Green Revolution