The Seeds of Change  1600 - 1929

1600-1929  Overview
1619  First African Slaves Brought to Virginia
1700s  Colonial Farming Technologies
Experiences in the New World
July 4, 1776  Declaration of Independence
1765  The Stamp Act
1790s  Population and Productivity
1796  Public Land Act
1800 - 1850s  Population and Productivity
Plantations vs. Farms
1830-1880  Agricultural Advancements
1800s  Economies of the North and South
1860-1920s  Population and Productivity
The United States Department of Agriculture
1862  Morrill - Land Grant Colleges
1862  USDA
1867  Advocacy for Farmers
Transportation in the West
1887  Agricultural Experiment Stations
Rebuilding the South
1861-1943  Agricultural Scientist - George Washington Carver
1890  Early Agricultural Science Research
Insect Research to Increase Citrus Production (California)
A New Century For Agriculture
1906  "Pure Food" for a Growing Market
A War Time Boom
1918  Women's Land Army of America (WLAA)
Farm Organizations to Improve Agriculture
1924  Rural Roots
1607  Jamestown Settled
Agriculture in Early America
1700-1800  Agriculture in Virginia
1764  Parliamentary Acts
A Revolution in the Country
1786-1787  Shay's Rebellion
1791-1794  Whiskey Rebellion
1800 -1850s  Agricultural Exports
1803  Louisiana Purchase
Agricultural Experimentation
A Nation Divided
1860-1920s  Agricultural Exports
1861-1865  Civil War
1862  Homestead Act
1862  Science, Technology and Education
1865  Post-war Agriculture
Westward Expansion
1880s  Science, Technology, and Education
1887  Agricultural Science
1856-1915  Agricultural Educator - Booker T. Washington
Science and Technology for Expansion
1890  Scientific Discoveries Reducing the Spread of Disease
1899  Science Changes the Number of People Needed to Farm
1900  Industrial Technology in the New Century
1910  Manufacturing Innovations
1914  A Need for Agricultural Education
1918  War Time Expansion
Rural Migration
1926  Surplus and Plummeting Prices